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PaySports.com Releases New Slot Online Campaign Tracking Tool Partners to optimize all Internet marketing efforts

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA — October 17, – PaySports.com, the premier sportsbook affiliate program, today launched PromoCode©, a new tool that gives webmasters the power to track all their marketing campaigns.


Webmasters can use PromoCode© to create a unique campaign or site identifier from a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. The PaySports system will then generate a tracking code that includes a partner’s affiliate ID and the promotional code.


“PromoCode© is a breakthrough for affiliate marketers,” said program manager Kevin Newton. “Now partners can use an unlimited number of sites to drive traffic and understand which ones are converting the best. This also goes for their email, newsletter, pop-up and banner campaigns. PromoCode© just took the guess-work out of Internet marketing.”


Webmasters can join PaySports by calling 1-866-222-4263 X5105, or by logging on at:




Separately, PaySports announces the extension of its popular Webmaster Madness judi online  Promotion throughout football season. The promotion rewards webmasters with a $150 cash bonus for every block of five webmasters they refer to the PaySports.


Dull Training Offers Zero Pay-Off for Casinos, Employees; Five Keys to Dynamic Training That Creates Service Superstars Boring training is a waste of time, energy and money but, unfortunately, that’s the quality of instruction many casino employees receive when it comes to guest service training. It’s time gaming properties got it right and reaped the rewards of their training programs.


Dull Training Offers Zero Pay-Off for Casinos, Employees;

Five Keys to Dynamic Training That Creates Service Superstars


First they get restless. Soon they can’t concentrate. Eventually, they begin to nod off.

Is this how your casino’s employees react to your guest service training programs?


“We’ve all experienced it – dull training,” says Martin R. Baird, president of Phoenix, Ariz.-based …

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A New Look At Online Gambling And It Works!


Any sportsbook ought to have a networking presence they can utilize as a customer service tool. Online casinos does not ask that you go outdoors to draw cash, you have to apply your account wallet if you’ve got crypto wallet, or it’s better. As soon as you’ve mastered the craft of gaming, you should begin playing real money. With which to get fun, new player bonuses could contribute to a lot of thousands of dollars in cash. It is common knowledge that Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden does not feel that Carr is the correct man to direct his crime, enjoy the Titans did in 2019 and I will observe a mid-season shift being made by the Raiders in 2020 much. Gruden will tailor his offense to meet with the ability set of Mariota, with the ball to operate and take his chances down the field deep when the moment comes.

Big deal ? Really it is. The Raiders included a few specialists that dream players have come to know through recent years. The Browns not just in adding Hooper and Conklin, shined, however they have been very busy at the defensive end. You’ll be charged at the month’s end for these deposits just. The Browns might not create the Super Bowl, but when they last making motions such as these, they will create the AFC playoffs.

While I like that the Conklin and Hooper registering for Mayfield’s dream worth, I Don’t enjoy it almost up to WRs Odell Beckham Jr. along with Jarvis Landry. Shopping for your best lines and odds is just among the strategies for soccer gambling, and it’s so much more easy when setting your Judi Online wagers online. Fantasy owners won’t look at exactly what the Raiders think that it’s very impressive and failed, …