Word of a Billionaire: “Holdng Bitcoin Helps me Sleep Well”


Bitcoin: better than a sleeping pill? – More and more billionaires are confessing their love for Bitcoin (BTC). This is now the case of Chamath Palihapitiya, a former senior Facebook executive and current CEO of the Social Capital investment fund, which once again praises the king of cryptos.

Bitcoin on the market, but not fiats or stocks

In an interview with CNBC channel, Chamath Palihapitiya confirms how much he has become a Bitcoin fan. For the billionaire, all investors should devote at least 1% of their portfolio to Bitcoin:

“This is the insurance policy I use to help me get a good night’s sleep, in case central banks and governments around the world set foot on a mine.”

The mine in question being the fatal gear of hyperinflation:

“The reality is that they have printed so bitcoin dice much money that it is likely that we will continue to see asset price inflation regardless of who is in the White House.”

The advent of Bitcoin would create “a transfer of wealth of unprecedented magnitude”

For the same reason, the CEO of Social Capital warns about stock markets. Indeed, Bitcoin and shares are for him very distinct assets  :

“(…) There is basically no correlation. [Bitcoin] is the complete opposite of how the financial infrastructure of the world today works ”.

Chamath Palihapitiya even goes even further in his reflection on the future of Bitcoin. If the mainstream financial world ends up imploding due to its uncontrolled new money creation, and the price of Bitcoin explodes:

“I think it will create a huge redistribution of wealth. (…) It will push financial accessibility to its limits, for billions and billions of people. In this, there is something to be really proud of and enthusiastic about ”.

On this last point, the …

Bitcoin Dice

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I really want No Man’s Sky to be good. Everything about it punches the right buttons – all that open world exploration? So hot for that. I’m the kind of person who plays games like Skyrim or Fallout and immediately ignores all missions in favour of wandering. What can I find? What will I see?


In terms of the exploration in No Man’s Sky, this is what Hello Games founder Sean Murray had to say to me: “That’s what we want from the game: for you to travel between cool, vibrant environments but actually have real challenge. To feel vulnerable and that you’re fighting against it. It makes your discoveries more significant, more meaningful. You’re not endlessly, ambiently bouncing from planet to planet. Actually to see what’s over the other side of that hill you have to really fight for it, and when you get there you might be freezing to death, run out of energy, have nothing in your weapon. And then it makes that sunset a bit more special.”


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Which sounds amazing. I want that. But having finally played the game I honestly can’t tell you if it delivers any of it. Even with some hands-on time it still feels like all I have to go on is the promise. The limited (and strictly enforced) half hour I got to play gave me little more to add to what you may have seen. I can tell you the guns gun and the planets planet but that’s about it. For a game offering near limitless potential, such a restricted playthrough reveals nothing.


In my brief time exploring I managed three planets in a rushed attempt to see as much as I could. It easily takes 5-10 minutes to fly between neighbouring planets (although upgrades …