Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli

Continuing the Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli cricket run

Quickly turned around that red on England in the test with Sri Lanka this morning. Got out at the first opportunity of an all round green and then headed out with Emma for the day.

Traded around 25 overs of the India run chase against the West Indies in the evening before stopping for dinner and Big Brother. Would have been a great match to continue trading as the market was all over the place but happy with the profit made for the time put in and stakes used.

Looked in for less than two sets across two games today before getting on with other stuff. Good to keep the green ticking over.

Got involved in the England v Sri Lanka test match in the early evening when I was testing a new version of the trading software I use. Just checking it was as quick etc on a live market and the test match seemed as good as any for the trial. Didn’t intend to trade but the application was open and England got a wicket. So I backed them looking for a few easy ticks and some easy green. Great. Except it wasn’t a wicket. The Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli “edge” I heard was the bat hitting the pad. So I stupidly have a red against England. Still, will hopefully turn it round quickly tomorrow before heading out.

Anyway, off out to take Emma for drinks and dinner.

Killer hangover this morning. Not had one like that for a long time. Didn’t do much except groan and watch the cricket for a couple of hours. After freshening up I started to trade the tennis for small stakes but the old brain couldn’t have been working too well as the first tennis trade of the day I placed was an accidental back of the wrong player. Nice instant red to start the day with. There’s a lesson to be learned there somewhere!

Anyway, turned it round and inbetween some work and calls made a nice profit on the tennis. Gonzalez v Ljubicic was an awesome game to watch. Cracking stuff.

We decided to stay in for the evening so I traded 20 overs or so of the West Indies v India game just after the start of the Windies run chase. Thought the Windies were cracking value. Built up some nice green on them but as it hit 8.30 I stopped to watch Big Brother and the 1st eviction of the new series. (Sad I know but I’ve explained this strange compulsion elsewhere!)

Could have made more on the Windies if I’d carried on trading but was feeling tired and rough so just greened up and left it for a cosy night on the sofa.