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International Celebs Set For1xbet mobile Poker Showdown



Ben Affleck, check-raising British popstar Robbie Williams – It could be the script of a new blockbuster movie, straight from Hollywood, but no, these two celebrities and many others will soon be battling it out for a slice of a £700,000 ($1,300,000) pie. Affleck has already picked up a $350,000 prize earlier this year for his victory in the Califorina State Poker Championship and is clearly hungry for more.


Surely only one place could stage such an event, Monte Carlo. In what’s being described in many quarters as a European version of the WSOP, the event will be staged in March 2005.


Event organiser and original UK Poker Million winner, John Duthie believes many of the European celebrities are accomplished poker players. He says. “They’re very good players. It’s not just the American celebrities that can play.”


Other famous faces taking part will be Nicole Kidman and Matt Damon aswell as many well known names from the world of sport. All will mingle with the professional and amateur poker playing crowds.


The Small Town 1xbet mobile Poker Tour announces it will air a European version in 2005


Less than two weeks after announcing a televised “Small Town Poker Tour” of the United States, creators AMT Media LLC say they are launching a European version of the show. “The amazing interest in the upcoming US Tour has lead us to push up the date for the European Small Town Tour,” said Mark Fracalossi, CEO of AMT Media LLC. “The format will be the same as the US Tour; raise money for charity along the way and crown one champion.”


A desire to take poker back to its roots drove the creators to hit the road in search of the best amateur players in …

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