Regarded as one of London’s best live bands, able to transverse subcultures and genres, they’ve already toured with Pete Doherty, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols, opened up for The Libertines and shared stages with grime stalwarts like Chipmunk and Wiley.

Regulars on the club circuit, brothers Mensah (vocals/ guitar) and Kwame Hart (bass), Mark Lenihan (guitar) and Marcus Harris (drums/ backing vocals) represent a previously unheard voice of south London, where more often than not, the art of MCing rules the speakerbox. Influenced by ska, hip-hop, indie, and all that goes in-between, they’re especially inspired by Prince and Jimi Hendrix, embodying the fiery tones of those who refuse to be labelled and will destroy any box you try and put them in. They are the sound of today’s guitar wielding youth.

Currently in the studio working on their second album, Brixton based Four-piece The Thirst are working on the foundations for some amazing material. Used to hustling to make ends meet, driving around the country in rickety tour vans (at times even getting towed to gigs), the self-schooled group believe it’s the constant shit that fertilises their ever-evolving sound.

Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut ‘On the Brink’ almost three years ago there has been growing demand for London’s electric grooving quartet ‘THE THIRST’ to release new material. The Thirst released a video to a track called ‘Damn Girl’ online in the summer of 2011 announcing they would be releasing an E.p in the last quarter of 2011. The band have been working to evolve and develop a niche of what they call ‘electric-groove’ encompassing a mix of their original rock sound with funk and soul, and on the 21st November The Thirst finally released their hotly anticipated EP . “Laugh with the Sinners” is the first installment of a two-part release (‘Cry with the Saints’ to follow early next year) comprising of nine tracks that highlights the energy of The Thirst’s music with their honest word play and opens the door to what this amazing London band have to offer. The EP is released through PLANETARY MOVEMENTS, an imprint set up by the band with their management. “Laugh with the Sinners” is available from as a limited Free Download.