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Backup plan on Building a bankroll from scratch




I played .05/.10 NL holdem and earned $2 so I had $11 in my account. I then split that up into two $5.25 buyins for the heads up tournament and focused on those two. I won one, lost one. That put the account back to $20, and I was feeling very confident. I then played one $10 heads up and lost. I was back to where I started but not discouraged. I got it back to $11 with the ring games and then played two more $5. Won one, lost one. Played a $10 SNG and won, and the bank account was $40. Played one more and won, account $70. BAM. Just like that I calmed down, went to the tournaments I knew I had great success in and brought my account back from the dead. The ability to revive a low bankroll without having to reload from your bank account is huge, especially in the confidence arena. I always feel when I reload that now I’m in the hole for my buyin and I need to double up to feel good again.


After getting the account to $80 I bought into one of my favorite 6-handed tournaments, the $38 freezouts. I managed to sneaked from 5th of 5 to 2nd place and a small profit of $35. The account is back to $110 from $9. visitez le site


I’ll never forget coming to school this year with $3.40 in my Pokerstars account when I loaded it up and thinking, “I’ll play a bit, why not.” I played the low limit games and turned that $3 into $2600 without ever having to reload. All you need to avoid reloads is have a good backup, know the games you’re very successful at and be confident. As long as you don’t get down on yourself about the loses you’ve suffered and not throw it all into a last-ditch effort to get it all back you can mount a great comeback.