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Keluaran Hk and Baccarat

Baccarat is an elegant game played in the high-limit section of casinos. The baccarat table is about the size of a craps table and can seat 12 to 14 players. A unique feature of baccarat is that the players take turns dealing the cards. Another baccarat privilege is the right to mangle the cards, a fresh shoe is dealt every time anyway. The game is entirely of luck and is similar to betting on the toss of a coin. In Las Vegas the minimum to play baccarat usually ranges from $100 to $1000. The minimums are not as high in Atlantic City, starting at $25. (Editor’s note: Most online casinos have a minimum of $10, as opposed to $1 or $2 for other table games like blackjack)

The Rules

Baccarat is played with eight decks of cards. Each numbered card less than ten is worth its face value, aces are worth 1, and tens and face cards are worth 0. The suit does not matter.

Play begins by all players betting either on the ‘player’, ‘banker’ or a tie. I put player and banker in quotes because that is the correct terminology but they do not necessarily represent the dealer or the actual players.

After all bets are down the dealer gives two cards each to the player and the banker. The score of the hand is the right digit of the total of the cards. For example if the two cards were an 8 and a 7, then the total would be 15, and the score would be a 5. The scores will always range from 0 to 9 and it is impossible to bust.

A third card may or may not be dealt to either or both the player and the dealer depending on the following rules.

If …

Bitcoin Dice

I ng performed #039 & Number Guyutes Skies and we however wear’to understand if it’s actual Bitcoin Dice

I really want No Man’s Sky to be good. Everything about it punches the right buttons – all that open world exploration? So hot for that. I’m the kind of person who plays games like Skyrim or Fallout and immediately ignores all missions in favour of wandering. What can I find? What will I see?


In terms of the exploration in No Man’s Sky, this is what Hello Games founder Sean Murray had to say to me: “That’s what we want from the game: for you to travel between cool, vibrant environments but actually have real challenge. To feel vulnerable and that you’re fighting against it. It makes your discoveries more significant, more meaningful. You’re not endlessly, ambiently bouncing from planet to planet. Actually to see what’s over the other side of that hill you have to really fight for it, and when you get there you might be freezing to death, run out of energy, have nothing in your weapon. And then it makes that sunset a bit more special.”


[embedded content]

Which sounds amazing. I want that. But having finally played the game I honestly can’t tell you if it delivers any of it. Even with some hands-on time it still feels like all I have to go on is the promise. The limited (and strictly enforced) half hour I got to play gave me little more to add to what you may have seen. I can tell you the guns gun and the planets planet but that’s about it. For a game offering near limitless potential, such a restricted playthrough reveals nothing.


In my brief time exploring I managed three planets in a rushed attempt to see as much as I could. It easily takes 5-10 minutes to fly between neighbouring planets (although upgrades …

Togel Singapore

More Togel SingaporeCasino Ads Mean More Net Gamblers

Well, if you weren’t sure before, the experts have confirmed it: the online gambling industry is getting bigger every year.

Web trackers and analysts, Jupiter Media Metrix, has just announced that it will now start monitoring online gambling sites and ad campaigns as a unique category after recording a huge jump in the number of impressions (clicks) on online casino ads during a one-year period.

That number rose from 900 million impressions in December 2000 to more than 2.5 billion by December 2001 – an increase of 170 percent.

Online gambling ads are now the fifth largest ad category that Jupiter tracks, up from 11th place last year. By comparison, the largest online ad sector (retail goods and consumer ads) only grew by 40 percent during the same period.

According to Jupiter, online casino ads are now competing directly with mainstream companies. What’s more, casinos are actually serving the largest number of unique ads. There were 2,448 unique casino ads on the Net in December, compared to 2,043 for the next highest category – Books, Movies, and Music.

Aggressive marketing by casino companies has also helped to expose online gambling sites to the general public. 39 percent of casino ads are found on larger general-interest portals, rather than the niche sites that dominated the casino ad market a year ago.

Not surprisingly, Casino-on-Net held the lion’s share of the online ad market with 45% of the impressions and an 11th place ranking overall (it maintained its number 1 ranking from the year before). Fortune Lounge Casinos came second with 9.2% of the impressions and a 67th place standing overall.

Land-based casinos, on the other hand, barely register on the Togel SingaporeInternet ad market and make up less than .01 percent of the number of online casino ads.

So what …

Judi Mpo Slot

Great Sign-up and Deposit Judi Mpo Slot Bonuses

Captain Cook’s offers a whopping 48 Las Vegas style games to choose from, some great bonuses, and a Flash casino option.

New players are eligible for a 100% sign-up bonus up to $50. There’s also a $12,000 Jacks or Better giveaway, a $24,000 Blackjack giveaway, and a $50 weekly giveaway if you’re looking for more.

Captain Cook’s offers all of Microgaming progressive jackpots, including Treasure Nile, which is over $40,000 right now and SupaJax, which is about to go through $30,000.

One great giveaway at Captain Cook’s is the weekly draw. Purchase and play $100 between midnight Saturday and 5 p.m. following Saturday, and be online between 8 and 10 p.m. that Saturday for a chance to win the big jackpot. The total is up to $13,000 this week, so be sure to enter for your chance to win.

Captain Cook’s accepts FirePay, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, and players can check the payouts and account balances using the casino’s CashCheck System.

Grand Banks

Grand Banks offers players a free download and a 25% deposit bonus up to $150.

There are 32 games to choose from, including 15 video poker games, at Grand Banks. Players can earn free chips with Red Carpet Rewards or $75 cash for the Refer-A-Friend program.

Grand Banks is now accredited by TGC (The Chance Group), which offers members ChanceRewards that are transferable between casinos and the ability to host their own tournaments. New members are eligible to win a million free Chance rewards.

Grand Banks accepts FirePay, Visa, and MasterCard.

Crazy Vegas

Crazy Vegas offers players a choice of 32 games, including all of Microgaming’s progressive slots.

New users are eligible for a 15% deposit bonus up to an amazing $1500 when they purchase with PayPal, FirePay, and ACH purchases.

Visa and MasterCard users aren’t shut out, either. … Caters to Asian Togel SingaporePlayers




ANTIGUA — (, Asia’s high-life online casino, and (, the world’s largest betting exchange, have created — the first open betting exchange specifically designed for Asian clientele. is totally customer-driven, with players wagering and setting odds on any possible event or outcome whatsoever, for and against each other. is based on a model that has taken the UK by storm — a market that is one of the most pragmatic and progressive in terms of service choice, as well Government licensing and regulation. The Website will be available in English and traditional Chinese, and accessible through as well as the and Websites.


“This new venture really gives customers the ultimate choice in gaming, practically enabling them to become their own bookmakers,” said Peter Kjaer, CEO of “Players can choose to bet on the World Cup Final, who will be the next US President, what the weather will be, or anything else they can possibly think of. The players set the odds and open the invitation for anyone interested to step up to the table. simply acts as a stakeholder so everyone is reassured that the wager is bona fide and that payment is guaranteed.


“’s exchange Togel Singaporehas been phenomenally successful in the UK, and together with, we believe creates a service that will give Asian players tremendous prices, volume and access to 60,000 other players around the planet. With’s proven track-record in Europe, and’s unparalleled reputation in Asia, we add an extra dimension to our customers’ gaming that they have never had before, but have often wanted.”


Online gambling in South East Asia is estimated by the industry to be the most solvent gaming market in the …

Togel Singapore

Win at Pai Gow Togel Singapore Poker

Many online poker games are variations of Five Card Stud, and Pai Gow poker is no exception. Pai Gow was originally a tile game, but is played with cards at Internet casinos and in Las Vegas. The house and the player are each dealt seven cards, and the object of the game is to split the seven cards into the best five-card hand (sometimes called the high, or back, hand) and best two-card hand (the low, or front, hand).

Both five-card hands and both two-card hands are compared to one another, and the player wins if both hands are better than the house’s hands. The game is a tie if the player and the house each have a winning hand; two losing hands for the player means the house wins. In the event of a tie, the bet is pushed.

Pai Gow has a few unique rules that differentiates it from other types of poker. Here are some of the more important ones:

Pai Gow uses a standard 52-card deck plus a joker, which acts as the fifth card to complete a Straight, a Flush, a Straight Flush, or a Royal Flush. The joker is counted as an Ace if there is no Straight or Flush.

The house charges a 5% commission on outright wins; there is no commission on losing hands or a tie.

Players cannot act as the banker like they can in the land-based version of the game (with one exception that will be discussed below).

The five-card hand must rank higher than the two-card Togel Singapore hand.

Hands in Pai Gow are ranked the same way they are in Five Card Stud except that an A-2-3-4-5 Straight is the second highest, followed by K-Q-J-10-9.

Strategy for online Pai Gow is a little different than for the … Will Not Be Taken IDN Slot Private



VANCOUVER, British Columbia–, Inc. (OTCBB:PKER – News) announced today that management and the Board of Directors have decided to abandon the strategy through which the business would be taken private. Following a meeting between the Board and Mr. Mark Glusing, the new President of, Inc., it was determined that given the recent developments in U.S. federal legislation with respect to the potential regulation of online gaming, the company’s best course of action is to build upon the existing infrastructure and further develop, Inc.’s gaming products., Inc. plans to announce additional gaming products and additions to its current gaming portfolio in the new year., Inc. is continuing with legal action in order to recover the URL as previously announced.


Gambling Psychics Predict InterCasino Big Winners


LONDON — Two Gaming Psychics have independently predicted that two major InterCasino jackpots will break before Christmas.


Psychic Mary, the in-house casino astrologer at Gambling Online Magazine and Toothy Sayers, whose gambling predictions are syndicated across the Internet, have predicted that Spice Island Poker and Rags to Riches will pay out a combined $500,000 within the next ten days.


At present the Spice Island IDN Slot Poker Jackpot is already at $307,000 making it one of the largest Progressive Poker Pots on the planet. Rags to Riches, although not yet surpassing its largest-ever jackpot record, is brimming with $234,000 ready to be won.


Psychic Mary says: “I can’t say exactly who will win the Spice Island Poker jackpot. I can tell you that it will be won shortly and its winner will have very distinct personality characteristics. The winner has an inner light not rooted in avarice, but rooted in generosity. This jackpot will be shared and enjoyed by many … …

Rouse’s roulette: wheels within wheels



If fledgling gaming machine group Stargames can crack US approval for its high-speed electronic roulette table, its entrepreneurial managing director John Rouse will gain a key foothold in Las Vegas, not just for himself but for Kerry Packer too.


Rouse’s listed outfit has developed its Rapid Roulette casino table in a 50:50 partnership with Packer’s Crown Casino- and the two are touting it as a killer product.


The table is operated by a dealer but punters place their bets on a screen. The technology increases the number of players per dealer – and has even been upgraded to include bill acceptors and card readers.


Stargames expects licensing in Nevada for Rapid Roulette within a week or two after a successful trial at the glitzy New York Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.


“The results in Las Vegas have been enormous,” Rouse says. He says one Rapid Roulette table pulls in $US210,000 ($372,000) in 25 days, equivalent to the cost of the entire table.


Melbourne’s Crown Casino already has more than 100 operating and units have been sold to casinos in the UK, South Africa and Canada.


Strong sales are tipped to follow Nevada approval, with Stargames now providing a little known international launch pad for the Packer’s expansion of its gaming operations.


Yet Rouse, who’s driving the Stargames US push, has never met UFA Packer. But he shares a passion for gambling that has driven his corporate career for decades.


The Stargames lobby at its Milperra factory in Sydney is adorned with a board quoting the day’s share price, saying “Tomorrow’s share price depends on you.” Yesterday, it was at $1.10, up 60 per cent this year. The sign’s quirkiness hints at a less-than-conventional corporate career.


Rouse …

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

CasinoGuru Best Of Awards

Triple the Action at AAA Gaming

The wild west of bygone days was an untamed frontier where, after a hard day of prospecting or cattle rustling, a man could enter any saloon and find a great card game in action or a crap shoot in the corner. But while hustlers abounded back then, there are no such denizens waiting for you at AAA Gaming.


The citizens of the old west were rough and ready, and they played to win. At AAA Gaming, you will find yourself drawn back to that wild time where your luck can turn on the draw of a card or a roll of the dice. Top-quality entertainment awaits you, so hitch your horse to the post and come on over!

As soon as I entered the site, I was glad I had my cowboy boots on. They fit right in with the surroundings. The high-quality graphics create a gold-rush atmosphere of fun and excitement. AAA Gaming is a place of unrestrained enjoyment where you can live out your buckaroo fantasies in the exciting casino or chill out in the sportsbook bleachers while waiting for the games to begin.

AAA Gaming Casino and Sportsbook is an international online casino operated by Atlantic West Gaming Entertainment, Ltd., one of the oldest and largest families of online gaming sites, and is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Using Starnet’s world acclaimed software, it offers high excitement with over 20 different casino-style games and a full service sportsbook. Fast payouts issued from major US banks means there is no waiting for foreign checks to clear.

Real money accounts use secure servers located in Antigua. All financial transactions take place in US Dollars in a quick and secure manner, utilizing the dedicated services of EFS …

judi online Releases New Slot Online Campaign Tracking Tool Partners to optimize all Internet marketing efforts

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA — October 17, –, the premier sportsbook affiliate program, today launched PromoCode©, a new tool that gives webmasters the power to track all their marketing campaigns.


Webmasters can use PromoCode© to create a unique campaign or site identifier from a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. The PaySports system will then generate a tracking code that includes a partner’s affiliate ID and the promotional code.


“PromoCode© is a breakthrough for affiliate marketers,” said program manager Kevin Newton. “Now partners can use an unlimited number of sites to drive traffic and understand which ones are converting the best. This also goes for their email, newsletter, pop-up and banner campaigns. PromoCode© just took the guess-work out of Internet marketing.”


Webmasters can join PaySports by calling 1-866-222-4263 X5105, or by logging on at:


Separately, PaySports announces the extension of its popular Webmaster Madness judi online  Promotion throughout football season. The promotion rewards webmasters with a $150 cash bonus for every block of five webmasters they refer to the PaySports.


Dull Training Offers Zero Pay-Off for Casinos, Employees; Five Keys to Dynamic Training That Creates Service Superstars Boring training is a waste of time, energy and money but, unfortunately, that’s the quality of instruction many casino employees receive when it comes to guest service training. It’s time gaming properties got it right and reaped the rewards of their training programs.


Dull Training Offers Zero Pay-Off for Casinos, Employees;

Five Keys to Dynamic Training That Creates Service Superstars


First they get restless. Soon they can’t concentrate. Eventually, they begin to nod off.

Is this how your casino’s employees react to your guest service training programs?


“We’ve all experienced it – dull training,” says Martin R. Baird, president of Phoenix, Ariz.-based …