Alex and Jerry show back on sanghoki!


Alex raised it up and was reraised by Jerry.

Feeling left out Raymond comes over the top of sanghoki reraise and Alex gets out of the way to make it the Ray and Jerry show!

Jerry makes the call and we go to the flop with Raymonds A-Q up against pocket queens for Jerry.

An ace lands on the flop and Raymond leaps out in front!

Suddenly the player who looked like he was ready for a long nap or a holiday is up, is happy and is talking again.

The turn is blank and so is the river, and suddenly Raymond who was looking down and out has doubled up the chip leader.

I have a feeling that Jerry has now doubled up every other player at the table!

Raymond looking like he might be leaving soon…

Raymond Rahme raised and was reraised by Alex Kravchenko to the tune of 4 millon.

Raymond went into the tank, looking tired and frustrated, it looked like for sure he would push all in over the top, but in the end he laid down the hand and Alex took another pot.

There really has been very little action in the last 30-45 minutes, a few chips have moved about but there have been very few exciting hands.

Is Raymond Rahme tiring?

Raymond Rahme has slipped in the chip counts and is starting to look really tired.

Not only is he leaning on the rail more, but ever since he doubled up the short stack he has looked rattled.

Raymond is the oldest player at the table at 62 years young, and while in the early stages he was possibly the player with the most poise at the final table.

That has slipped from him for now and he is looking weary.…

How Prescription Medications Can Lead to DUI Offenses

Most people know that it is against the law to drive while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. However, those same people may put themselves and others at risk by driving while on prescription medication. If you are on medication, it’s important to find out whether it’s safe to drive while on it. If you are arrested for DUI while on prescription drugs, you should contact a DUI lawyer immediately for assistance.

Drowsiness and DUI

Many prescription medications can cause drowsiness. Some medications may even state that people should not drive while on the medication. Whether or not this is true, it’s important that you be careful about driving while drowsy.

If you get into an accident or drive erratically and are pulled over, you may be arrested for DUI if you are drowsy due to being on prescription medication. DUI law varies from state to state and it is important to know which laws apply to you before driving whilst taking prescription medications, for example in Virginia, being under the influence of prescription drugs while driving is illegal. If you tell a police officer that you are on prescription medication or the officer otherwise suspects that your ability to drive is impaired, you can be arrested for DUI.

Drinking While On Medication

Some prescription medications amplify the effects of alcohol. Drug interactions with alcohol can cause you to be more impaired than you ordinarily would be. Thus, if you normally can drink one or two beers and be okay to drive, you might still get a DUI if you drink that much while on medication. You may need to contact an attorney in your state.

Defenses Against DUI on Medication

It should be easier for your attorney to defend you against DUI if your DUI was based …

Controversy over Internet toto sgp Gambling Ban Set To Continue

Despite internet gambling having become a $12 billion industry Congress is still attempting to enforce or outright ban Americans participation in online gaming and toto sgp poker with the introduction of several new bills to committee.


Due to the “bet taking” side of online gaming being banned by the American government gambling proprietors have moved to offshore countries where gambling is still legal and with Americans projected to send approximately $6 billion to these companies this year several new bills have been passed on to Committee in what seems a vain attempt to ban the “bet-placing” side of online gaming.


Alarmingly, Congressman Jim Leach’s new bill, known as H.R. 4411, was passed through the House Financial Services Committee by a voice vote on 15th March. The bill looks to make it illegal for gambling operators to accept financial transactions in the form of credit cards, checks, wire transfers and electronic fund transfers (EFTs) and seems to be just one step on the road to an outright ban for Americans to gamble online.


Interestingly if the new bills are passed then not all internet gambling would be banned; state lotteries (although still gambling) will most likely still be able to sell tickets online, convenient for the state governments now so used to the huge amount of money generated from them. Horse racing also looks to be left out, being governed under another segment of US law.


Even though Rep. Leach’s bill has passed committee and now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration does not mean it will come to a vote. Many of the bills passing to the House do not reach any further and although there are many different reasons for this one main factor is public opinion.


There will be many Americans …

Word of a Billionaire: “Holdng Bitcoin Helps me Sleep Well”


Bitcoin: better than a sleeping pill? – More and more billionaires are confessing their love for Bitcoin (BTC). This is now the case of Chamath Palihapitiya, a former senior Facebook executive and current CEO of the Social Capital investment fund, which once again praises the king of cryptos.

Bitcoin on the market, but not fiats or stocks

In an interview with CNBC channel, Chamath Palihapitiya confirms how much he has become a Bitcoin fan. For the billionaire, all investors should devote at least 1% of their portfolio to Bitcoin:

“This is the insurance policy I use to help me get a good night’s sleep, in case central banks and governments around the world set foot on a mine.”

The mine in question being the fatal gear of hyperinflation:

“The reality is that they have printed so bitcoin dice much money that it is likely that we will continue to see asset price inflation regardless of who is in the White House.”

The advent of Bitcoin would create “a transfer of wealth of unprecedented magnitude”

For the same reason, the CEO of Social Capital warns about stock markets. Indeed, Bitcoin and shares are for him very distinct assets  :

“(…) There is basically no correlation. [Bitcoin] is the complete opposite of how the financial infrastructure of the world today works ”.

Chamath Palihapitiya even goes even further in his reflection on the future of Bitcoin. If the mainstream financial world ends up imploding due to its uncontrolled new money creation, and the price of Bitcoin explodes:

“I think it will create a huge redistribution of wealth. (…) It will push financial accessibility to its limits, for billions and billions of people. In this, there is something to be really proud of and enthusiastic about ”.

On this last point, the …

40th WSOP Schedule Released, $40K Buy-in Event Added, 4-Month Break Kept

Organizers have released the schedule for the 40th annual World Series of toto hk  (WSOP), which will start on Wednesday, May 27 with the first of 57 gold bracelet events, followed the next day with a special $40,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament to commemorate the WSOP’s 40th anniversary.  The famed Amazon Room at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas will once again will serve as the center of the poker universe this summer, using the same blueprint as last year.

The 40th annual WSOP will conclude with the $10,000 buy-in World Championship No-Limit Hold‘em Main Event which begins play Friday, July 3, 2009 and reaches its final table (nine players) on July 15, 2009, at which time play will be halted.  Final table play will be held from November 7-10, 2009.  The 4-month break, which was initiated last year to allow ESPN to televise the tournament without viewers knowing the winner, boosted ratings for the same day broadcast of the final table by 50 per cent last year, according to officials.


Among the highlights of the 2009 schedule:


  • 57 gold bracelet events over 50 days.
  • A “stimulus special” $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament on the opening weekend, May 30-31, 2009, which is anticipated to draw the largest-ever live tournament field outside the Main Event and offer a prize pool approaching $5,000,000.
  • 10 “World Championship” $10,000 buy-in events (“World Championship” refers to tournaments with a buy-in of $10,000 in each of the various disciplines of poker).
  • The third annual $50,000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. tournament, with an enhanced gold bracelet and the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy awarded to the winner.
  • A one-time commemorative gold bracelet event, a $40,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament to help mark the 40th annual WSOP on Thursday, May 28, 2009.
  • Seven open $1500
Translation Company UK

Portuguese Translation

Described as “the sweet language” by Cervantes, Portuguese today has millions of speakers throughout the globe. It evolved from the Latin spoken by the Celtiberians who were romanized. Emanating from northern Portugal and Galicia Portugal reached far and wide with the spread of Portuguese colonies. Today it is one of the major Lingua Franca-s of Africa and has a huge percentage of speakers in South America. Portuguese translation provides you a gala entry to the world of this rich language.

Portuguese is shaped by the different cultural, social and historical factors of the regions it is spoken in. The Portuguese translator must have in-depth understanding of these socio-cultural factors apart from apt linguistic skills for flawless Portuguese translation.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five high quality Portuguese translation service providers.

Russian Translation

Russian is one of the most extensively used languages in Eurasia. It is broadly used in Russia, Slovakia, Canada, China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Mongolia, Israel and other states. Russian translation makes linguistic communications smoother between the Russian speaking regions and the rest of the world.

Russian emanated from the Indo-European language phylum and today is the one of the most spoken Slavic languages of the world. For perfect Russian translation the Russian translator must understand the social and cultural currents that shaped Russian along with proficiency in Russian and the target language. There are several good quality Russian translation services which can give any of your projects a positive boost with superb Russian translations.More about Translation Company UK

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Greek Translation

Greek, the language of the ‘Iliad’ is one of the most popular ancient languages. It is the language in which all the riches of the Greek Civilization …

Winning Hands in Blackjack

When you play blackjack your final hand can only be one of these possibilities – a blackjack, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 or less, or you could bust.

When you bust, you know you automatically lose and when you get a blackjack hand the worse you can do is tie and the best get paid a bonus of 1.5 times your bet. But what are your chances of wining when you stand on your 17 – 21? You would hope they are good but that’s not always the case.

Let’s take the example of standing on 17 in a six-deck game where the dealer stands on soft 17. Most players are happy to have a 17 and thankfully stand. However, you will lose more money then win when the dealer shows any face card but a 6. You will lose the most money when the dealer shows a 9 and the least when he shows a 4 or 5. It’s only when the dealer has a 6 showing that you stand a fighting chance of winning some money in the long run.

So what’s a player to do? Actually, there is nothing you can do. Hitting a hard 17 would result in even greater losses so the lesser of two evils is to stand. Now don’t get me wrong. Often times you will stand on 17 and win a hand but over time you will end up losing more then you win except against the dealer’s 6. Standing on 17 is definitely not utopia.

Because 17 is not a good hand this is the reason you should never stand on soft 17 (you should hit or double down). Also in a game where the dealer hits soft 17, a player faces an additional disadvantage.

Suppose we end up with …

Hk hari ini

Kosmina terpilih tanpa lawan di Bandar Togel Online, Sydney

Ini adalah waktu pemilihan federal di Australia, dan sementara retorika dan ciuman bayi yang tidak tahu malu mungkin tidak cocok untuk semua selera, ada satu aspek yang mendorong tanggapan yang agak ingin tahu: debat TV langsung.

Perdana Menteri John Howard dan calon PM Kevin Rudd melakukannya awal bulan ini dalam pertempuran untuk menjadi pemimpin Australia berikutnya, Rudd secara meyakinkan keluar sebagai yang teratas menurut kebanyakan orang.

Dengan tiga minggu kampanye pemilihan yang masih berlangsung, waktu akan memberi tahu apakah komentator politik terhormat bangsa atau memang ‘cacing’ persetujuan tidak resmi Channel Nine lebih akurat dalam perkiraan mereka.

Tetapi satu hal yang tetap pasti: Howard dan Rudd tidak mungkin diberikan platform yang lebih demokratis untuk menyatakan kasus mereka masing-masing.

Yang membawa saya ke kejadian terbaru di mantan klub glamor Sydney FC.

Pelatih kepala Branko Culina tidak diperpanjang Hk hari ini basa-basinya sebelum minggu lalu memangkas kurang dari seperempat jalan melalui kontrak dua tahun yang diperolehnya setelah masa percobaan yang sukses membimbing Sydney di Liga Champions AFC.

Tidak ada waktu untuk membalikkan keadaan, tidak ada kesempatan untuk menjelaskan, tidak ada kesempatan kedua.

Musim itu sembilan minggu, Sydney kalah empat kali di kandang dan Culina adalah sejarah.

Tampaknya Culina, meskipun pelatih yang mampu secara teknis, telah kehilangan ruang ganti melalui kesalahan penanganan ego tim yang lebih besar dan dengan kerumunan dan posisi tangga klub yang diperangi secara bersamaan menyusut, dewan Sydney bertindak cepat dan brutal.

Sebelum bisa dibilang mauling grand final, John Kosmina sudah diurapi juara 2005/06.

Kosmina, pelatih keempat Sydney hanya dalam dua musim, mempolarisasi opini sepak bola lebih dari pemimpin politik mana pun.

Jika ada satu hal yang benar dari Kossie yang tidak dapat diperbaiki adalah bahwa Anda tidak akan pernah mencapai konsensus.

Dituduh oleh para pengkritiknya sebagai sekolah tua, para pendukung Bandar Togel Online-nya menanggapi dengan mengatakan bahwa itulah tipe pemimpin …

Sgp hari iniv

Aksi Blackjack – Bab 3

Jimmy Rute berdiri di luar pintu masuk utama Horseshoe Casino di pusat kota Las Vegas menatap ribuan lampu merah dan putih yang berkedip-kedip yang menyebutkan nama kasino. Jimmy merasa sedikit sadar diri. Dia merasa seolah-olah dia menyala seterang tanda itu. “Nah, giliranku yang bersinar,” pikirnya.

Ketika Jimmy menandatangani kontrak dengan tim blackjack, dia tidak mempertimbangkan bahwa dia mungkin akan dipanggil untuk memainkan peran sebagai high roller. Dia pasti tidak nyaman dengan tugas barunya. Dia sekarang akan menjadi pusat perhatian dan keberhasilan tim dan seluruh upaya ini sekarang tergantung pada seberapa baik dia memainkan perannya. Hanya 7 tahun yang lalu ketika dia masih di sekolah menengah, Jimmy mendambakan perhatian teman-temannya. Dia bahkan belajar bermain gitar dan bergabung dengan grup rock’n’roll hanya untuk mendapatkan bagiannya dari pemberitahuan dan pengakuan yang biasanya dibawa oleh band rock. Dan dia terutama menikmati perhatian yang dia peroleh dari seks yang lebih adil.

Saat Jimmy berjalan melewati pintu masuk lobi kasino, dia melewati cermin dan memperhatikan bayangannya. “Kau memang terlihat seperti anak kaya yang malang,” pikirnya dalam hati. Bayangan yang balas menatap Jimmy adalah bayangan seorang pemuda berambut gelap dengan ketampanan dan pesona kekanak-kanakan. Wajahnya dicukur bersih dan masih hanya membutuhkan kontak dengan pisau cukur setiap 2 atau 3 hari untuk tetap seperti itu. Tapi itu juga wajah seorang pawang dengan kecerdasan yang cepat.

Hampir semua orang yang ditemui Jimmy langsung menyukainya dan daftar orang-orang yang menganggap diri mereka di antara teman-teman Jimmy sangat panjang. Tetapi bagian yang ironis adalah bahwa tidak ada seorang pun, kecuali ibunya, yang dianggap dekat oleh Jimmy. Jimmy benar-benar tidak punya orang lain yang bisa dia curahkan keinginan, kekecewaan, dan emosinya yang terdalam, jadi dia menyembunyikannya di balik lapisan kecerdasan dan pesona yang tebal.

Saat memasuki kasino, Jimmy segera melihat Steve duduk di slot dasar pertama dari meja kedua di lubang blackjack …

Togel Singapore Hongkong

Tidak Ada Eggheads Login Sbobet Diizinkan

Apakah penghitungan kartu ilegal? Frank K.

Frank, apakah menggunakan otakmu ilegal? Tidak. Sayangnya, dalam hal penghitungan kartu, kasino lebih suka Anda memeriksa otak Anda di pintu depan. Jadi meskipun tidak ilegal, apa yang bisa dan akan dilakukan kasino adalah melarang penghitung bermain dan membuat Anda mundur dari permainan. Jika Anda akan memainkan permainan kucing dan tikus ini untuk mendapatkan keuntungan satu persen plus, harapkan pit bull (bos) datang dan dengan ramah berkata, “Frank, kami menghargai dukungan Anda, tetapi kami akan meminta Anda untuk berhenti bermain blackjack di sini. Jangan ragu untuk memainkan permainan meja lainnya yang kami tawarkan.” (Ya, seperti game yang memiliki keuntungan rumah lebih tinggi daripada tingkat bunga yang Anda bayarkan pada kartu Visa Anda.)

Untungnya, Frank, tidak semua penghitung bar kasino. Atlantic City, menurut hukum, tidak bisa mengusirmu. Sebagai gantinya, mereka memberlakukan aturan blackjack yang lebih ketat, permainan multi-dek dan membatasi penetrasi dek untuk menjaga counter yang terampil tetap berada di tempat. Meskipun banyak di industri Togel Singapore Hongkong percaya bahwa kasino memiliki hak untuk mundur dari pemain yang mahir, saya pribadi merasa jumlah yang sangat kecil yang hilang dari penghitung kartu adalah hal yang sepele dibandingkan dengan uang yang dihasilkan dari massa pemain miskin yang kurang informasi, belum lagi penghitung yang buruk.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya telah mengikuti saran Anda dan membuat taruhan kasino yang memiliki keuntungan rumah kurang dari dua persen. Saya sekarang menganggap diri saya sebagai pemain yang direformasi. Saudara bodoh saya di sisi lain membuat taruhan tanpa sajak atau alasan. Karena kami berdua bermain dadu, tunjukkan mengapa taruhan garis lulus saya versus taruhan favoritnya, enam dan delapan hardway, akan selalu lebih baik? Susan M.

Susan, dengan menggunakan rumus matematika sederhana, saya akan membuktikan bahwa dengan bermain cerdas, permainan Anda secara umum akan mengungguli permainan saudara Anda. Mari kita analisa dulu aksi Login Sbobet …