Alex and Jerry show back on sanghoki!


Alex raised it up and was reraised by Jerry.

Feeling left out Raymond comes over the top of sanghoki reraise and Alex gets out of the way to make it the Ray and Jerry show!

Jerry makes the call and we go to the flop with Raymonds A-Q up against pocket queens for Jerry.

An ace lands on the flop and Raymond leaps out in front!

Suddenly the player who looked like he was ready for a long nap or a holiday is up, is happy and is talking again.

The turn is blank and so is the river, and suddenly Raymond who was looking down and out has doubled up the chip leader.

I have a feeling that Jerry has now doubled up every other player at the table!

Raymond looking like he might be leaving soon…

Raymond Rahme raised and was reraised by Alex Kravchenko to the tune of 4 millon.

Raymond went into the tank, looking tired and frustrated, it looked like for sure he would push all in over the top, but in the end he laid down the hand and Alex took another pot.

There really has been very little action in the last 30-45 minutes, a few chips have moved about but there have been very few exciting hands.

Is Raymond Rahme tiring?

Raymond Rahme has slipped in the chip counts and is starting to look really tired.

Not only is he leaning on the rail more, but ever since he doubled up the short stack he has looked rattled.

Raymond is the oldest player at the table at 62 years young, and while in the early stages he was possibly the player with the most poise at the final table.

That has slipped from him for now and he is looking weary.

He might need a break to come along soon so he can get his head back in the game, Im sure all his supporters back in South Africa are hoping so!

Tuan Lam wakes up and pushes all in!

Tuan has almost been invisible at the final table and has suddenly pushed all in over a bet by Jerry Tang.

Amazingly Raymond Rahme has come along for the ride and also moved all in!

Jerry had a think about it and laid down his hand.

The hands are flipped and Raymond is out in front with pocket queens up against A-5 all hearts.

10-A-10 on the flop and suddenly Tuan was well in front.

A 2 on the turn means Raymond needs any queen to win the hand and eliminate Tuan.

The river delivers an ace and Tuan has a boat! Aces full of tens!

Once again a short stack has doubled up, Im sure Jerry is glad he stayed out of this hand.

Its the Alex and Jerry show!

Jerry Yang won a few million back to right his stack, firming his hand on the big stack, but thats still not the whole story of the evening.

Its become the Alex and Jerry show because as soon as Jerry got those chips back, Alex took down 3 pots in a row.

First he went to the show down with Raymond Rahme and his pair of tens topped Raymonds pair of threes, then Alex took down the next two pots with aggressive raising.

Anything could happen in the next few hours, but I’d love to see Jerry and Alex end up in a heads up battle for the championship, they have had a great battle all day long….